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Purchasing a Pup

Please verify which pups we currently have available under our "Available Pups" section. Join our waiting list if you are looking for something more specific or even opt for "Pick of the litter". 

Miniature Siberian Husky Prices & Purchased Process Explained

The total purchase price for a Miniature Siberian Husky varies according to the quality of the puppy in question and how important a particular puppy is for the Miniature Siberian Husky breeding program. We have pups priced as low as $800.00. (Usually white, agouti, and piebald coloring.) Black and white, red and white, and gray and white pups are typically priced starting at $1200.00, with excellently marked pups being on the higher end of the spectrum.


Please note that we never sell according to eye color as eye color can change in huskies. We breed our dogs primarily taking into account the dog's health before features such as coat, eye color, or size. If you would like to wait for a pup with a certain feature, please join our waiting list (which takes priority over standard inquiries) or our "Pick of the Litter" list (which takes highest priority). 

Shipping/     Delivery

Please note that shipping and delivery may be available depending on your location (price will vary accordingly). Pickup here in western NC is welcomed & preferred. Asheville Airport (AVL) is the closest airport. Greenville (GSP) or Charlotte (CLT) are the closest larger airports. We offer in-cabin delivery that requires a flexible delivery date and cargo delivery.

Our Guarantee

Before purchasing one of our pups, new moms/dads must agree to "Our Guarantee" which details our terms and what to expect as a new owner. Our pups are not CKC or AKC registered, as the developer wants to retain rights to the breed. We do not provide papers with purchase. We will provide a link to this form once you have chosen your pup. 

Wait List & Available Pups

Standard inquiries are the lowest tier and receive lowest priority. The Wait List members are eligible for a 150.00 discount on their puppy and take the next highest priority. Pick of the litter allows you to skip ahead of the standard wait list and take highest priority. Available pups will be posted under the available pup section. Note: We operate on a first-request basis. It is important to respond with your choice of pup promptly as it is likely someone else may choose your potential pup as well. We understand you want to make the right choice; however, it can hold up others who wish to make their choice as well. 1st Picks must choose by the time pups have reached 4 weeks old and those on the waitlist must respond within 2 days once offered. Please email to inquire about available pups. 

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