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Wait List Instructions

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

With all the excitement that comes with the possibility of introducing a new pup to your family it is helpful to review how the wait list process works.

  1. Subscribe to our Wait List or 1st Pick option.

  2. Review our website and Facebook page to determine upcoming litter due dates.

  3. Review your email close to the due date. If there is a 1st Pick subscriber for that litter, they will receive an email first. Afterward, those on the Wait List will receive an email with photos of any available pups.

  4. Now comes the hard part: we operate on a first-request basis. It is important to respond with your choice of pup promptly as it is likely someone else may choose your potential pup as well. We understand you want to make the right choice; however, it can hold up others who wish to make their choice as well. 1st Picks must choose by the time pups have reached 4 weeks old and those on the waitlist must respond within 2 days once offered.

  5. Once your pup is confirmed, you will receive occasional updates. Most of our updates will be done through our Facebook page.

  6. If you did not pick a pup or if your preferred pup was chosen by someone else, your Wait List spot will be rolled over to the next litter. The process will restart for you.

  7. If you are not in the Wait List, you will be able to view any available pups on our Facebook page. We strongly encourage you to subscribe to our Wait List if you are wanting a pup soon and our 1st Pick if you have two or more desired characteristics.

  8. Your pup must be at least 8 weeks old and weaned before you can take them home. You can use this time to prepare your home for your pup, choose a vet, and educate yourself on your pups required care.

  9. We provide the first round of shots and dewormer in the quoted price. Your $150 deposit will be applied toward that quoted price. Any additional fees, such as a Health Certificate for flying, shipping or flight fees will be added to the total price. The total amount due must be paid prior to or on the day of receipt. There is a $100 discount for cash payments. Our pups are not registered because the breed creator wishes to retain rights to the breed (so you will not receive any official paperwork, just a certificate with your pups information).

  10. After 8-10 weeks you get to meet your pup! Feel free to send us pics and updates of your pup as we love seeing them grow!

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